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Cindi is the mother of 2 boys affected with fragile X syndrome and Autism, ages 23 and 25. In the mid- 90’s Cindi served as Family Liaison for the Fragile X Treatment and Research Center at Children’s Hospital in Denver, CO. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Developmental FX in Denver, CO. She has presented her innovative strategies to families all over the world and especially in the U.S. It is her personal mission to share these strategies in hopes of generating ideas that families can implement in their own lives, while living with Fragile X Syndrome. She and her husband live and run a business in Littleton, CO. The four of them enjoy travelling the U.S. in their RV named “Rocket”.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Won't you be my neighbor?

I remember the day well.  I don’t remember the exact date, but it was in early 1991.  That is the day we got our diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome.  It was a sad day for our family, but I really didn’t know why it was sad.  I knew nothing about fragile X.  After 23 years, I now know what it’s about.  

Together, Chris and I have faced some of the toughest challenges of our life, and we’ve emerged as stronger parents.  Some of the lessons we’ve learned are ones that we never asked to learn, they were just thrust upon us.  Some things we felt were necessary to learn in order to survive.  Through all of these trials and tribulations, we have persevered, but not without tears, frustration and growth.  

We’ve been fortunate enough to have our family and friends to help us through.  Many of the friends we have we would not have had but for fragile X syndrome.  It is a family obtained only through a genetic commonality.  Some of the other relationships we have valued so much are those of the professionals that have guided us with careful hands.  They have taught us, listened to us, and fought right along with us to arrive at this point in time.  We know that without all of these elements, none of today would be possible.

Some years ago, Chris and I realized the value of these precious relationships, and we knew we had to find a way to pay it forward to all of the families that were yet to come into this world of fragile x syndrome.  I had an idea!  About 9 months ago, I started to compile many of the notes I had made throughout the years of our boys lives, and think about writing a book.  Then, fate stepped in, and I met a wonderful woman who had done just that, and she offered her help to me.  And so, the work began, and 9 months later, I have a book.  It’s a story of our family’s life told by me, and written by me.  It is called “Becoming Mrs. Rogers”, and it is available on Amazon NOW!
My hope is that it will help families to see the one thing that Chris and I had a very hard time seeing in the early years of diagnosis…..HOPE!  

If hope is something you can use then I want you to consider giving my book a read.  I ask this humbly, because it is my own personal story.  Writing this book was one of the most difficult experiences I have had, and I know the hard work is yet to come—sharing my life with the world.  It leaves me open to criticism, and judgment, and commentary.  But, knowing that my story is unique, just like every other wonderful family I have met, gives me comfort.  These families inspire me. Many of the little stories that I share are not so unique that others cannot relate, in fact, I hope that each reader will be able to shake their head in familiar recognition.  Whether you know someone that has been affected by fragile X syndrome, or it’s new to you, give me a chance.  All I want to do is offer hope.  

Could I humbly ask you to help me, too?  If you plan to read my book, would you be so kind as to share this post with others so that they might have the opportunity to experience it too?  Then, once you read it, would you go to Amazon and leave your comments and thoughts on your perception of my book?  Your help will be greatly appreciated!  In fact, it is bound to pay itself forward in ways you may not realize.  A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will go directly to the Rogers Neighborhood FX Family Fund, which is specifically created to help fund scholarships for families to be able to attend the bi-annual International Fragile X Conference.  This conference has been so helpful to our family, due to its ability to provide an immense amount of very helpful information in a short amount of time.  Won’t you be my neighbor in this journey?

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